We develop the best solutions for your business. We create digital marketing services to help you website achive higher conversion rates.

01Let's analyze competitors

06Developing calls to action and lead magnet

02We will identify the "pains" and needs of the target audience

07We will develop a unique design

03We will help with product positioning

08We implement a responsive website layout

04We will develop prototypes of all pages of the site

09Fill the site with content

05We will think over the logic of landing pages

10Set up the integration of requests in CRM

Send your contacts and we will find a perfect solution for you

Project manager

Accompanies the project and communicates with the client


Optimizes the site and promote it in search


Develops a prototype design for all pages of the site


Develops a responsive layout for the entire site


Develop site functionality and connect CRM

Website it is not only a business card, but also an effective sales tool. Therefore, you need to treat it accordingly, as a traffic generation and sales channel. The cost depends on the amount of work and the complexity of the project.

starting at 800 $

01Conclusion of a contract

02Competitor and market analysis

03Identification of "pains" and the needs of the target audience

04Development of a selling design and responsive website layout

05Layout and stretch of the project

06Configuring analytics and integrating requests into CRM

Nowadays, corporate websites are gaining more and more popularity. According to development trends, such sites have ceased to play the role of only presentation and are increasingly realizing the opportunity to work with advertising Internet marketing channels.

With the help of a corporate website, you can tell the consumer about a company, product or service, connect an online store (suitable for companies with a product range of up to 50 products), and also implement a full-fledged blog.

M&C Markting uses CMS WordPress or Tilda to implement such functionality using the WooCommers plugin to implement a catalog or an online store.

You can order the development of a corporate website by calling us or leaving a request on the website. Our team will draw up a technical task, which will describe everything that will need to be implemented, carry out a detailed assessment of the implementation and offer the best solution for your business.

Features of the development of the company's corporate website
The corporate site is the “face” of the company on the Internet. A website with a well-designed structure and informative content not only increases the loyalty of its visitors, but also turns it into an effective marketing tool that generates profit for the company.

We develop websites with a unique design, well-thought-out logic and functionality. We are always ready to offer the best solutions for our clients.

How does the process of creating corporate sites differ from the development of online stores and business card sites?
In the case of comparing a corporate site with a business card site or online store, we can say that it is the “golden mean”. Since its functionality is many times greater than the functionality of a business card site and allows you to connect product cards and online payment for goods without realizing a full-fledged online store.

When our team is working on the implementation of the site, during the development process we make it:

  • - informative;
  • - structured;
  • - containing lead magnets or blocks with “selling hooks”;
  • - working with the recommended loading speed;
  • - adapted for popular mobile devices;
  • - SEO-optimized according to the requirements of the search engines.

How we create corporate websites
The process of developing a corporate website includes:

  • - filling out the brief;
  • - analysis of competitors;
  • - preparation of technical specifications and specifications;
  • - development of prototypes of all pages;
  • - development of a unique design for all pages for versions: desktop, mobile and tablet;
  • - layout of all pages;
  • - integration (stretch);
  • - filling the site with content;
  • - testing the correct operation of the site and its display on different devices.

A team of specialists is working on the development of the site: project manager, web designer, marketer, SEO specialist, front-end and back-end developer, content manager and tester.

Before embarking on the prototype development process, the project team analyzes competitors, works with all the materials on the client's business that are necessary to build the correct structure of the site.

In the process of developing a prototype, the logic and location of the main blocks on each page of the site are thought out. The purpose and functions of each block are thought over, as well as whether the implemented structure will be clear to the user. After the prototype is implemented, each page is agreed with the customer.

Further, the development process continues and the stage of design development for all versions of the site begins. When ready, all pages are agreed with the customer and corrected if necessary. The developed materials go to the stage of layout and stretching.

After the developers close the implementation of certain pages, the content manager publishes the content, and the tester starts testing the correctness of the display and working out the functionality of the site.

When all the processes on the side of the developer's company are completed, a manual is drawn up for using the site for the customer and the project is presented to the client.

5 reasons to order a corporate website from M&C Marketing

  • - we always try to find and implement the best solution for your business;
  • - we create effective websites that contribute to the development of the client's business on the network;
  • - You get a ready-made and working tool for working with advertising channels;
  • - we provide the client with access to the Figma program, in which the design is being developed, so that he can observe the process of creating a website in real time;
  • - the development process takes place as planned and after the presentation of the project, the client receives a manual for using the site and technical support.

The brief is the first step towards setting the main objectives and goals for the implementation of your plans. In that document highlighted key points and wishes for the future resource.

The brief will help our technicians get acquainted with the information, give your recommendations and determine best product solution for you.

Fill in the Brief